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Nice weekend

On Saturday Henry had Combat Camp from 10-3 at his kung fu school (a couple hours of ground techniques and a couple of hours of weapons training). Dan and I watched some Warehouse 13 and the unaired Dollhouse pilot, and hung out together having a nice relaxing time, and then in the evening I dropped Henry off to meet his dad in La Jolla and Dan and I went on our date to night-time zoo, which was just fabulous! We rode the sky buckets over to the far side, walked slowly through the whole new elephant exhibit, and then caught the new bird show. Since I saw it with Henry and Fargo a couple weeks ago they’d added more lights and sound effects at the beginning, which was kind of annoying, but once they got on to actually showing birds and telling us about them and letting them do their bird stuff it was great. When’s the last time a HUGE owl flew silently right over your head, or you saw a toucan fly up to grab grapes out of the air, or you saw a maribou stork fly over a crowd of people with his toes dangling down in such a storky way? Gosh I love our zoo.

We got out of the zoo about 9:30 and then had a late dinner at the Studio Diner. There were at least two tables of Comic-Con folk near us. We could tell by their unmodulated nerdy voices and topics of conversation. And we saw a Jayne Cobb hat!

Yesterday I was a bit tired again but I baked two batches of blueberry muffins and a loaf of banana bread, and then I beat the Earth Temple in Wind Waker. What a game, what a mighty good game. No recording at all this weekend but maybe I’ll be able to finish the Swiss Family this week. There are only five chapters left.

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