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Fargo is moving :(

Henry’s very best friend in the whole world, Fargo, is moving to Arizona. He’s here with us for one last visit. On Friday they went with Henry’s dad to Cirque du Soleil (he had comps!), on Saturday we took them to the Wild Animal Park in the evening, which was lovely, and yesterday I took them to the science museum and the zoo! (At the zoo we saw a woman fall into the pond at the bird show, but that’s a story for another time.) Today I was pretty tired so I let them laze about with me and watch fun things. We showed Fargo the first six episodes of Firefly, and a great many episodes of Arrested Development, so now he’s a fan of both shows! We plan to squeeze in a bit more Firefly before he has to go home tomorrow. Got to get up to “Out of Gas” anyway.

They got a bit of exercise playing swordfight in the yard and walking to Henry’s Kung Fu school for his evening class. Oh, and Henry baked a cheesecake while Fargo helped. And I filled four mp3 cds full of LibriVox audiobooks for Fargo to listen to on his drive to AZ.

We hope we will still get to see Fargo sometimes even after he moves, because his dad still lives up in Orange County so Fargo will come out for visits and we’ll steal him away. He’s a wonderful boy, smart and funny and a great reader. I lent him my huge volume of American and British poetry to read while he’s here and he had his nose buried in it practically the whole time.

Fargo is grating lemon rinds while reading poetry:


Washing up after baking:


At the Animal Park (Henry is finishing up the Alex Rider series and had to bring his book with him):


Come visit us again soon, Fargo! We’ll miss you so much!

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