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Happy 4th anniversary, LibriVox!

On August 10th, 2005, our Hugh McGuire had his brilliant idea, and thus LibriVox was formed. Esther (a.k.a Starlite) put together a wonderful 4th anniversary podcast with contributions from many of our volunteers:

LibriVox Community Podcast #106 (49:40 minutes long.)

Bits of it made me come over all weepy with sentiment and gratitude to our lovely volunteers, and bits of it made me laugh out loud! (I’m talking to you, Ryan and Ruthie!) Elli and Neeru did a “ten things we all love about LibriVox” countdown that’s full of fun and contains selections from a certain story read in many different languages. (I was pleased to discover that I could understand a little bit of the Dutch reading! Dutch is a very close relative of English, closer even than German, but I guess I never really listened to any Dutch before. Well, LibriVox can fix that ;-)

And that reminds me — on the weekend I finished and cataloged my recording of Dad’s ancient copy of The Swiss Family Robinson: I love this book! Hope you like it too. I’ll add it to my podcast feed when the history book is finished.

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