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Mad Men!!!

(No spoilers here, haven’t seen the first ep of season 3 yet.)

We’ve been looking forward to season three of Mad Men for so long! It seems like a thousand years since the last new episode aired. A couple of weeks ago Dan and I decided to watch seasons one and two all over again. That was about the 5th time through season one for me, and maybe the 3rd time through season two. That show just gets better every time you watch it. So we had a lot of weekend Mad Men marathons and stayed up too late a few times, and now we’ve just got the last two episodes of season two remaining. Ooo those Jet Set people are so creepy.

So tonight when Dan gets home we’ll finish up season two and then there’s the first ep of season three waiting for us!

And, since Henry knows how excited we are about it, he wanted to watch too — so I started watching season one all over again with him a few days ago. He loves it.

Have you been to

Here’s me:


and here’s Henry:


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