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Beatles Rock Band!

Yeah! What a crazy day! We had a news film crew and a rock band in our house, not to mention the excitement of our new game!

That’s Henry in the green shirt. That’s my messy but interesting house. You might spot my new inkle loom, Henry’s Kung Fu diplomas, the portrait of him that Chloe drew, and Dan’s beautiful photo prints. And my millions of books.

Beatles Rock Band is amazing, really amazing. I’m worn out — more tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “Beatles Rock Band!”

  1. kc

    how fun!! :)

  2. Chloe

    We’re so cute! :)

  3. Kathy

    What a wonderful story! Kudos to the news station to find a wonderful “local hook” by which to mark the Beatles releases.

    Henry’s voice is changing! Oh my goodness.

    Way to go, everyone!

  4. Kristin

    I’ve been hearing all about this release. That segment was pretty cool!

  5. Ryan DeRamos

    Very cool, Kara! I agree with the drummer; drums (and vocals, too) translate well from real life to video games. Guitars make little sense in Rock Band/Guitar Hero.

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