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iTunes 9 rant

I “upgraded” to iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 a few days ago. If you haven’t yet, DON’T. iTunes now crashes about every third time I sync my iPhone, requiring a force-quit and a restart. See I’m at seven crashes and counting. I send in the crash report every time. Is anyone reading them?

Also, Smart Playlists are broken. The look fine in iTunes, but are shuffled on the iPhone. There is a stupid fix for this: uncheck “live updating” and re-sync. But since I have two playlists which are supposed to “live update” themselves every time a new podcast episode appears, I need to edit/check/edit/uncheck both playlists every day. There is some dispute as to whether this is a 3.1 problem or an iTunes 9 problem. Either way, it sucks. See

C’mon, Apple. You can do better. Like, try TESTING YOUR SOFTWARE before releasing it.

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  1. Chloe

    I updated my iphone to 3.1 and have no problems, but I just checked and my itunes is still 8 point something, so that must be the problem!

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