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my beloved grill

Dan bought this little “Patio Caddie” propane grill for us back in June (I think). I’ve used it almost every day since then. It’s so nice to be able to cook all the meat outdoors — tastes good and keeps the house cooler and the kitchen cleaner! I even fire it up just to grill hot dogs for the guys for lunch. After months of use the propane tank finally ran dry yesterday while I was grilling a batch of onions to take to the homeschooler park day picnic yesterday. Dan is going to refill it tonight, but I need to plan a dinner that isn’t grilled! Oh my!


It works well, by the way. Yes, it’s small, and if we have Bob and Chloe over for dinner it takes a while to cook everything, but that’s ok, we all just hang around and talk. It also heats a bit unevenly, but I’m used to it and just move the food around accordingly. Dan and Henry are particularly fond of my grilled chicken (marinated in a mixture of canola oil, orange juice, soy sauce, salt, and pepper) and onions (sweet onions cut crossways in slabs and brushed with oil/vinegar/salt/pepper). Sometimes I grill tofu for Chloe and Celia (Trader Joe’s teriyaki sauce adds flavor). I’m fond of Trader Joe’s bratwurst.

O little grill, I love you so!

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