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beautiful 1930s kitchens

James Lileks has just scanned and posted a beautiful set of 1930s “Dream Kitchens”. No kidding, these are just marvelous — cheerful, bright, well-planned. (Well, mostly… those space-saving chairs are daffy.)

Your Dream Kitchen

There are lots of glass-block walls. Why don’t I have any glass-block walls? One even extends behind the kitchen sink, brightening up the nasty under-sink cabinet. There’s a fantastic red-and-cream sewing/laundry room with tons of built-ins and another glass-block wall. So bright and cheery! Want.

red laundry room

My dad was born in 1930. I wonder if his mom flipped through the Armstrong leaflet and daydreamed about a new modern kitchen with an easy-care linoleum floor and glass-block walls.

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  1. Jerry Nicholson

    It has been a long time but I think your grandmother DID have linoleum in the kitchen. The rest of the house had dark wooden floors. The last time I was there was in 1969 at the auction.

    Cousin Jerry

  2. CMPete

    Actually, I’d KILL for that floor! And the sewing machine in the glass block nook is just PERFECT. Since I’m a red kitchen person, the whole setup would be PERFECT for me. Yes, I am a quilter, 70 years too late!!

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