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marvelous rain

It started raining in the middle of the night and now, at 3pm, it’s still raining. This is amazing. It’s incredibly rare for San Diego to get a few hours of rain, let alone a whole day! I know there will be bad flooding all over (this city is not designed for rain) but we’re high and dry here. I had to drive up to north county this morning but traffic was ok and people were even (gasp) driving slowly and carefully, so it was rather pleasant.

Not feeling great today, really tired and my sinuses seem to be draining down my throat and making it feel funny. I suspect a proper sore throat is not far away. But I’m resting and updating podcast feeds and watching the lovely rain, and Henry made a grilled cheese sandwich and gave me half :)

On Friday look for the first chapter of my next podcast book, The Swiss Family Robinson!

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