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yesterday (Tuesday)

Henry has a cold so stayed home from his classes yesterday. I did the Trader Joe shopping in the morning, plus other errands, and then finished my new wrap skirt, which I started on Monday. It’s cheerful red plaid fabric with some metallic threads running through it that I bought on sale a couple years ago after Christmas to make more Christmas wrapping bags with. Except I didn’t get around to making bags yet and I needed a new skirt desperately. So now I have one!

I read Henry three chapters of Dracula (Dr. Van Helsing has just shown up) and we watched a few episodes of “How It’s Made” (I think you can watch online here: Wonderful show! We learned about Swiss army knives and cheese and rollerskates and colored pencils and other things.

Henry’s iPod Touch somehow got a parental control password set but none of us remembered setting it, and it was preventing him from making in-app purchases that we wanted to let him make. So Dan cracked it! He’s amazing. Here’s what he tweeted about the process:

Forgot your Restrictions password on iPhone? Jailbreak, ssh in, look at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/

Specifically, the key SBParentalControlsPIN. use ‘plutil -convert xml1’ on MacOS to convert the binary plist to xml

He sniffed out the password (which is one none of us would ever use, quite a mystery how it got there) and now Henry’s iPod has no stupid restrictions.

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