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Our friend Simon blew into town for a couple days, so Henry and I took him to the Wild Animal Park today. What a treat! The weather was just perfect – cool and gloomy except for a couple of hottish hours in the middle of the day. We hiked all over the park, all the way up to see the condors and all they way down to the bottom of the Heart of Africa trail, and saw everything in between, and rode the tram and saw the bird show (the newbie show people need some practice, but whatever, the birds are always great).

My cold is way better today and I only had to blow my nose and cough a few times. And I slept for real last night, despite some bizarre and rather gory dreams in which john Lennon came back to life and was murdered again, and I was being pursued by Nazis. I can thank Quentin Tarantino for that one ;-) Yipe!

Henry brought his Rubik’s Cube home on Monday, and on Tuesday I found solving instructions on and sat there obsessively working on it till I soved the cube. Today Henry carried it and a printout of the solving formulae around the Animal Park and worked on it all day and took it to bed and worked on it some more and also solved it! Yay us! I remember the original craze for Rubik’s Cubes, and how Kirsten and I memorized the solution book and could solve our cubes without referring to it.

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