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a quiet week

Henry came down with a sore throat and hacking cough on Monday, so this has been a quiet week of no school, no Kung Fu, no piano. He’s feeling better now, well enough to go spend the weekend with his dad, but for a few days he was feeling really awful, poor boy. I let him watch a ton of tv, though I tried to get him to alternate candy tv with slightly educational TV. Hooray for James May and Jon Stewart! I let him watch a lot of Battlestar Galatica, but oh my goodness that show is just awful. I seem to remember enjoying at least the first season the first time through, but now I can’t stand it. Probably because I know the story doesn’t ever actually go anywhere satisfying, and every character (except Helo and Adama) becomes unbearably annoying. Ugh. So today I suggested Dollhouse instead, which is actually fun for me to watch the second time through. It’s uneven, but even the bad episodes are 100 times better than the bad BSG episodes. Battlestar got, what, four? five? dreadful tedious pointless seasons and poor Joss had to fight for his 27 episodes of Dollhouse. Sigh.

I haven’t been feeling very well lately, not sure if it’s Henry’s virus or something else but I’ve been coughing and sniffly and tired. So I haven’t been getting much recording (or anything else) done.

Henry and Dan convinced me to try Elizabeth Moon’s “Trading in Danger” and I”m really enjoying it!

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