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Switched on the radio on the way to fetch Henry from Kung Fu tonight and caught the middle of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I’m not a big Vivaldi fan, but a couple of facts floated up out of my subconscious to the surface of my thoughts: red-headed priest, music master for girls at an orphanage in Venice. Don’t know why I remember that from long-ago music history classes, but I checked wikipedia after I parked and it’s all true.

Brenda Montiel, you were a good teacher!

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  1. Catharine

    If you’re not already familiar with it, there’s a wonderful kids’ CD that uses Vivaldi and his music school as a fairly central concept:
    (It also, naturally, is full of Vivaldi tunes. The main story of the CD is completely a fib, but is still fun to listen to – much better than the adaptation of Mozart’s Magic Flute that the same company put together.)

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