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Fantastic Mister Fox

Yesterday I listened to the Fresh Air interview with Wes Anderson about Fantastic Mister Fox. I hadn’t wanted to see it because I love the book, you know, and most of the time kids’ movies that are based on books are a complete disaster. But it sounded like Wes really loved the book, so it seemed possible that he hadn’t wrecked it, and also the information about how they created the movie made me want to see it.

So Dan and Henry and I watched it in the afternoon and we all really enjoyed it! Yes, liberties were taken, but they expanded and decorated the original story than altering it beyond recognition. The puppets (or whatever they’re called) were remarkably expressive; their body language was beautiful to see. The voice acting was fantastic. The miniatures were marvelous. And there was none of the horrible X-TREME-ness that I’ve come to dread in kids’ movies. It was charming and even touching in places but without gloopy sentimentality, and the humor was often subtle and sharp. I laughed aloud quite a lot.

Also there was a brief scene in which an old Burl Ives tune played faintly in the background. (Buckeye Jim)

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  1. gilrain

    That’s good to hear from someone with fine-tuned taste in media! I’m a big Wes Anderson fan, but haven’t seen this one yet. Looking forward to it even more, now. :)

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