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Poems in Alice

While I was recording Alice in Wonderland, I got to thinking that although I know a couple of the original poems (e.g. ‘Tis the Voice of the Sluggard) that the author parodied, I didn’t know them all. And that most kids today probably don’t know any other than Twinkle Twinkle (and maybe not even that one). So I started searching around for information on the original poems and bumped into a great article in a periodical called The Bookman, Vol. 18, September 1903.

Here’s a link to the article on google books:

I also recorded the article and submitted it to the current Short Non-Fiction Collection at LibriVox:

And here’s my little recording; it’s only about 14 minutes long.
The Poems in “Alice in Wonderland”, by Florence Milner

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