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On Tuesday, I bought a really nice, nearly-new, green La-Z-Boy recliner for Dan from Craigslist and Chloe drove me to pick it up in her van, and then Henry and I hung out at her house for a while so Bob could help Henry learn some tunes to play with the band. Oh, and Dan loves his chair. Happy early birthday, Dan! :)

Then yesterday Henry and I did some good decluttering in the livingroom. I got rid of a ton of old outgrown homeschool materials, which cleared off two shelves, and then Henry organized the DVDs on those shelves so they’re not in a horrible useless pile anymore.

Yesterday evening we picked up Henry’s friend John and went to the Rockola gig at Tango del Rey, which was great fun as usual! Got home at midnight and went right to bed but then I woke up at 6 this morning for no reason at all, grrrrrr. So I’m going to bake some cookies and then go back to bed.

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