Mastodon hilarious Beethoven piano parody —

hilarious Beethoven piano parody

This makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. It reminds me of listening to P.D.Q. Bach records with my parents when I was little. Thanks for the link, Chris :)

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  1. Soozan

    Brilliant! Certainly reminds me of Peter Schickele too!

  2. Catharine E

    Wonderful stuff!

    If you like classical music comedy, you might also try the following names at youTube:

    Allan Sherman (sadly, my favorite, “Peter and the Commissar” doesn’t seem to have made it there yet)
    Victor Borge (almost anything)
    Spike Jones (e.g. William Tell Overture and – long but priceless – Carmen)

  3. Dennis

    Absolutely brilliant!

    I had forgotten just how funny Dud was in front of a piano!

    (Have saved it so that I can play it offline when I need a smile)

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