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Can’t sleep, so I might as well write something.

Monday was Chloe’s birthday. Happy birthday, Chloe! She requested a very light cake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. My cakes never turn out light, so I did some googling and decided on a chiffon cake. I used this recipe for the cake: We replaced some of the water with lemon juice, following a suggestion from one reviewer. Next time I would add even more lemon juice. I bought actual cake flour and fresh baking powder, just to be sure, and I really did let the eggs come to room temperature before starting.

We baked it in my two round glass cake pans, at 325 degrees for 40 minutes, though 35 would have been fine, I think. The recipe tells you not to grease and flour the pans — that was nerve-wracking, but I was able to pry the cakes out of the pans when they were cool. *whew* Next time I might try greasing just the very bottom of the pan.

For filling between the two layers, I whipped heavy cream with a little sugar and mixed that with chopped strawberries. We topped the cake with more whipped cream, and then Dan decorated it with sliced berries.

P9061498 - Version 2

When Bob and Chloe came over to watch Mad Men, we devoured almost the whole thing. It was way better than any store-bought cake I’ve ever had, including my fancy bakery birthday cake! We sent the last slice home with Chloe for later.

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4 Responses to “birthday cake”

  1. Dan

    In the photo, it looks like kitty is licking her lips in anticipation!

  2. Chloe

    Thank you for the wonderful cake!

  3. Soozan

    Thank you dearest cousin Kayray for taking such great care of Chloe!!

  4. Kathy

    Happy Birthday Chloe!

    And that cake looks and sounds fantastic! Sometimes I get in a mood where only a lemony dessert will do. I will have to try this recipe sometime!

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