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The 33 Chilean miners

Were you glued to the screen to watch the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners last week? I was. The best coverage I found was on the BBC’s website — they had the live TV feed, of course, plus updates in text so I could leave the sound turned down. And, while it was annoying that the reporters had to keep talking so there was never any dead air,at least they had British accents so they sounded intelligent and cultured.

I got teary-eyed every time a miner was freed. Every single time. I saw the first guy come up, and I saw the last guy come up. It was amazing. Scott Simon published a touching little piece this morning:

“Millions of families, including ours, got our children out of bed to watch the men rise from the earth, wave, sing, and blow kisses. We told our children, ‘Remember this night whenever you think something is impossible.'”

Viva humanity!

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