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so tired, but happy anyway

Yesterday I felt unusually good — so good, in fact, that I did lots of LibriVox work, played Beatles Rockband with Henry, started reading Treasure Island to him, and made two kinds of pie for dinner (a pear galette and a provencal quiche). But today I’m just bone-crunchingly tired. Ugh. Nearly fell asleep in the afternoon.

But I’m happy anyway and here are some of the reasons:

  • Dan’s working from home today!
  • I was a Good Granddaughter and ordered some yarn for my 89-yr-old grandma so she can knit a baby blanket. (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece)
  • Elli and I had a jolly time watching Mad Men (S04E11), chatting, and goofing around on AIM this morning.
  • I did not actually fall asleep and forget to pick up Henry from school.
  • On Henry’s recommendation, I listened to an excellent episode of This American Life while driving around this afternoon. It was a Halloween episode, #319. If you don’t already have it, get the This American Life app and your life will instantly be a little better, I guarantee it.
  • And I just got a postcard from my dear old lost-then-found penpal Peer, who is on vacation with his family in Italy. It was such fun to see his handwriting again!

Now, because I’m too tired to do anything truly productive, I’m going to log into my neglected google feed reader with its thousands of unread items and delete all the blogs I don’t care about, declare bankruptcy on the ones I do care about, and start fresh. Also maybe I’ll play some WoW. It took nearly a whole day to get the new patch installed and I really would like to find out what’s new. I expect I’ll have to reassign all my talents. Sigh.

Oh, by the way, on Monday it rained, really rained!

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  1. Jerry Nicholson

    Re your rain video: Looks like what we would call a light shower in Kansas!


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