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So, almost a month late and I’m finally writing about our lovely family Christmas!

My dear Aunt Susan and Uncle Jack flew into town from New York a few days before Christmas, and my sister Kirsten and her husband Marcos drove down from San Francisco, visited with his family in LA for Christmas eve, and then came to us on Christmas day.

(Here is Kirsten trying out Angry Birds on Dan’s iPad on Christmas night)

We had, of course, several sessions of wonderful Christmas Carol playing/singing! Mom borrowed a couple of cellos for Kirsten and Susan to play, Chloe and Sal and I all played the piano in various combinations, Bob played the guitar, and Marcos borrowed Henry’s electric bass.

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Just before Christmas Dan helped me to rearrange the furniture so we could get the piano out of the dark, crowded corner of the dining room and into the living room. We just pulled the sliding doors shut between dining and living rooms, put the piano against them, and now we pretend it’s a real wall. Though it is a bit crowded, especially with 12 people in the room, it’s much more cheerful.

We had gray rainy weather most of the week, but one day right after Christmas it was beautifully sunny, so we all took a walk at Mission Bay. I need to walk rather slowly, but Bob stuck with me the whole time so I didn’t get lonely. Very sweet :) (Dan was asleep at home that morning, or he would have walked slowly with me too!)


We had dinner one night at En Fuego, and lunch another day at the Studio Diner — that meal was Grandma’s Christmas present to us all. She sent some money so we could all do something special together.

I have the BEST family.

Next time I’ll tell you about Christmas knitting and presents!

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