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I felt quite good today and it was sunny and warmer so I worked in my little garden in the morning. I weeded the peas-and-lettuce bed and thinned out the lettuce seedlings, and then I planted tomato seeds in a pot. It’s still pretty cold at night, and most days, so I sliced the bottom off of translucent plastic jug and popped it over the seeds as a little greenhouse. Oh, I also planted thyme and oregano in a pot.

Peas in their fluffy, weed-free bed:


Poor Henry is very sick, sicker than usual with a fever and a very bad cough, so I took him to the doctor and she said it’s probably bronchitis. She ordered a chest x-ray to be sure it wasn’t anything serious, and it came back clear, so that’s good. So he’s on antibiotics now. She also prescribed some cough syrup but he hates it because he still has the urge to cough but he can’t. I read Lord of the Rings to him for ages tonight to help him get to sleep. Poor boy! I hope you feel better soon, sweetie!

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