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Henry is already feeling a lot better, hooray! His fever is gone and he has a lot more energy. Still coughing but not so much. It’s so wonderful to see him smile again. I felt really tired today so I hope I’m not getting it! We’ll see. I’ve stayed as far away from him as I can and have been washing my hands like crazy.

Oh, my laptop went to Apple for repairs for the 7248th time (it has an intermittent screen flicker), and it came back this morning. So far, so good – not a single flicker all day. Time will tell… This is its second new motherboard! It has also had a new display, a new optical drive (for a problem unrelated to the flickering issue), and I think a couple of other new things. I kinda lost track. Oh, a new battery also, because its original battery swelled up.

Note: when Apple sends you that postage-paid Fed-Ex box so you can ship your computer to them for repairs, make sure you remove the original shipping label to reveal the label underneath, the one addressed to Apple. I forgot that part the first time, and my laptop went from the Fed-Ex drop-off right back to me. D’OH! ;-)

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