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Oct 10 2011

We’re moving to a bigger rental house in one week. Very exciting! The house is nearby, and large, and clean, and filled with closets and windows, and the kitchen is huge, and there are roses and grapevines and fireplaces, and a hot tub in the back yard (!).

But moving is just so horrible. So dreadfully horrible. Chloe is helping us a ton. I really don’t know what we’d do without her, since I’m not able to do much lifting and carrying and I get exhausted so easily. I’d also be in the looney bin by now, probably. She has done nearly all our packing. We don’t officially have possession till Saturday but the owner is nice and doesn’t mind us bringing some stuff over sooner, so today Chloe hauled two van-loads of stuff over for us. The moving men are coming next Tuesday but we’re trying to take all the light, awkward, small stuff over ahead of time. Chloe is also helping plan where furniture will go and she’s going to help us make it all nice and home-like after we’ve moved, too.

Within two weeks it’ll all be over and we’ll be settled and able to move around without bumping into each other all the time and we’ll be soaking in that hot tub.

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  1. Sonja Poor

    Moving? Good heavens, what a job! Just popped in to say hello since I just read on Writer’s Almanac that today is the birthday of P. G. Wodehouse. So naturally I thought of you. And Sally. I haven’t gotten to far along in “The Girl on the Boat”, but am enjoying it so far. Hope the whole move will be as smooth as possible.

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