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November 8th 2011

Gah! How has an entire week of November gone past already? Thanksgiving will be here in just over two weeks. Yikes.

Ok, we’re all settled in our new house and it’s lovely and spacious and bright and comfortable. Dan just bought me two wonderful big handsome sturdy IKEA bookcases so all my books have a home and none are in boxes anymore! I chose the “Hemnes” bookcases in brown-black because they are plain but attractive and made of real pine. Henry helped us bring them home in Chloe’s van yesterday, and then Chloe and I built them with a little hammering-help from Dan. We really love assembling IKEA furniture.

Here’s a photo. The junk on top is Chloe’s quilting project, only there temporarily to be away from the cat when she’s not working on it. As you can see I have room for even more books! I also have a low shelf in my knitting area for all my knitting books so they are handy.


Today, while watching “Digging for Britain”, I started knitting a little zig-zag cap for my cousin Ashley’s new baby boy, who was due in a week or so but actually might be arriving while I type this! Ravelry Link (no login needed)


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  1. Oskar

    Hey Im from the UK, just wanted to say your audiobooks are great! I only

    just found out about them through an application on my phone, and have ever since listening to The Secret Garden and even though you pronounced some things a little differently then we would in england, I think that it is absolutely wonderful so thanks very much for recording it!

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