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April 12, 2012

I just found some very old recordings to share — The Hobbit and book 1 of The Fellowship of the Ring! I must have recorded these when Henry was seven or so. The Fellowship was first and it’s actually my second recording of the book.

When Henry became obsessed with Tolkien at age six I recorded the whole Fellowship (and The Two Towers, I think) onto cassette tapes which then wore out with daily listening, so when Dan gave me my first iBook with a built-in mic I re-recorded The Fellowship digitally. After we did book 1 we decided to do The Hobbit, and I guess after that we branched out to other authors and never got around to book 2. But don’t worry — I want to hear it so I’ll record it soon! Recording quality will be much higher but there won’t be a little person asking questions and reading the poems :)

Links to both books are here: Kayray Reads to You, or you can download directly from my page on

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  1. Jacquie (The lady on the boat in Australia who listens to your readings)

    I have enjoyed listening to your readings on librevox and wanted to know more about you so looked you up and was very pleased to find you. Have read this evening your past blogs and was very pleased to find that you have something else in common with my likings and that is knitting and crochetting. What fun to create gifts for people you love. I want to say thank you for your readings they are a pleasure to listen to. When I see that it is you that is reading then I know that I will enjoy the story. I listen to audiobooks as I knit and crochet on the weekends and in the evening. What a treat – better then TV any day.
    Please take care of yourself as I read about your illness and this worried me. I have a habbit of jumping into nurse mode and asking all sorts of intrusive questions wanting to know more (I can never get enough information) but I will refrain from doing this. My husband says that I should come with warning signs and need to apologuise in advance for being too inquisitive. If you respond to my comment you have been warned of my wondering nature. Best regards and many well wishes and many thanks! Please continue to read out loud. I love story time. Jacquie

  2. Chrisentiae

    Tuesday 12 June 2012

    Hi Kara,

    Yeah I was wondering about the rest of the story.

    I think I like The Hobbit better, less dark themes. Though both are really well written.

    You yawned so much and only once did you make me yawn! :P haha

    I had a big smile when you did Gollum. I’m not sure if complimenting you would exactly be a good thing, but I did smile at how you brought that character to life with your reading. :)

    I do look forward to hearing you complete the reading and I definitely love hearing books read more so than movies … though that said, I hope to see The Hobbit when it comes out, hopefully later this year.

    I think the thing with these stories is this, our bodies age, but some persons keep a young heart, although intelligence and such mature. I am of the view that one is never too old to listen or to co-read, or to sing along, or to read poems … participate and the like.

    In fact, those occasions improve the whole experience as much as they pause the telling.

    I don’t think I would ever tire of being read to. I think about Heaven a lot, and I think being read to would be something I would think would be in Heaven for those who are made happy by such.

    Being most artistic, I have an excellent imagination, for creative things, and your readings creates real worlds in my mind where I eat and drink, sing and dance, and hide from the dark riders.

    Thanks Kara :D

    Yours hobbit-like,

    Melbourne, Australia

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