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April 20, 2012

Whoops, while listening to The Fellowship I found that the end of chapter 7 was missing. Dunno what happened there. So I re-recorded the ending and uploaded the file again. Sorry about that!

The truncated file is about 29 minutes long. The fixed file is about 32 minutes long.

Here’s the fixed file: Fellowship1 07 In the House of Tom Bombadil

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  1. Suzanne Covington

    Hi Kayray!

    Just finished listening to your recording of The Secret Garden. It was wonderful! Thank you so much! Really enjoyed your story-telling as I was sitting here at the computer, drafting.

    Can’t wait to see what other gems you have recorded!

    Best Regards,
    Suzanne Covington, AIA

  2. Lindsay Barclay

    Hi Kayray, just listened to The Hobbit and am now into Fellowship of the ring, there are two out standing features. First of all Henry, who is a wonderfull listener and asks the best questions just at the right time. His Elvish language is impeccable. Second the little bird, I love it when he seems to go mad in the cage and makes a great clatter just when you are saying something really important. I laugh and laugh.

    My favorate readings however are the William storys. You bring lots of joy into my life, thank you.

  3. Scott

    Thank you for your reading, ma’am.

  4. Chrisentiae the Hobbit

    Saturday 2 June 2012

    Hi Kara the Hobbit,

    Thanks for you all your wonderful stories! :D

    I’m off on another adventure tonight … a Fellowship one!

    Chrisentiae the Hobbit

    Melbourne, Australia



    Hobbitses wicked, tricksy, and false hobbitses.

    What are you talking about?

    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

    Just click download!

    Good masterses. Masterses good to Smeagol!

    This Hobbit needs a nice cup of tea.

  5. Don

    I’ve gone through a ton of these recordings and really appreciate the great reading. I look forward to hearing the rest of the trilogy!

    Don, Nashville TN

  6. Jackie

    I had to write to say thanks, I enjoy your readings. Please don’t stop. :)

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