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January 1, 2013! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m still sick, believe it or not. Getting better every day, but very slowly.

This seems like as good a time as any to suggest some apps for your iPhone or iPad. (If you got one for Christmas, congratulations! You’ll love it.) I try a lot of apps, if they get good reviews and are free or only cost a buck, but very few are worth mentioning.

Here are some current favorites, with links to iTunes:

Spaceteam. Maybe it’s a little bit premature to call this a “current favorite” since it’s brand-new to me, but I installed it last night and found it to be extremely fun and totally different from anything I’ve ever played. It’s free. You need 2 to 4 players, each with his own i-device. Dan and I played a couple times and then Henry and I played together; we’ll probably try a three-player session today. I am ITCHING to play again so I hope my family wakes up soon :)

Ski Safari. Not your typical “go fast and collect coins” game! Give it a few plays and you will see its charm. I’m crazy about it!

Dan gave me a wonderful pressure-sensitive Pogo Connect stylus for Christmas because I love to draw on my iPad. My two favorite drawing apps are “Paper by FiftyThree” and “Sketch Club”.

Paper is simple and sleek. I like it for doodling and quick sketches when I don’t want to fiddle around with too many choices.

Sketch Club is a more traditional drawing app with layers, many tools, importing etc., plus a great online community with daily challenges and tons of helpful tutorials.

ÃœberDoodle — Spirograph-esque, and you can make your own gears and rings!

Letterpress — strategic word game. I LOVE it and have been playing for months. Start a game with me. I’m KaraShallenberg on Game Center.

CRUX crosswords. I’ve tried most of the crossword apps, and this is by far the best. I’ve been using it almost daily since April 2011. You can connect your NYTimes account and play the NYTimes puzzles in this lovely app, or choose from a variety of free puzzle sources.

That’s enough for now. Have fun!

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  1. Pearl

    I’ve been a lurker for a few months now, having first discovered you through your joint reading of Dorothy Sayers’ “Whose Body”. I have since taken in your reading of “The Fellowship of the Ring”, and am in awe of those of you at Librivox who undertake such selfless labours of love.

    Well, from one homeschooler to another, it’s hightime I extend to you my belated gratitude for your many generous contributions, whether audio recordings, recipes, app recommendations etc.

    As I type, my under-the-weather, bed bound boy is totally tickled by Ski Safari (and I’m loving that catchy soundtrack!).

    I hope you’re bouncing back to your good ol’ self, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Suzette

    Happy New Year to you! I stumbled upon Librivox last week and am enjoying exploring the massive collection of audiobooks. I especially appreciated your reading of The Red-Headed League as part of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and look forward to listening to more of your work. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  3. Jessica Brammer

    I have listened to a few of your readings of librivox books and have really enjoyed them. Thank you for recording them, you do a great job. I look forward to listening to more! I will be going through your list to find some more.

  4. Rivka David

    KayRay, just a quick thank you – which is better than none at all … we discovered librivox through buying some audio CDs on Ebay which turned out to be librivox recordings. Fair play to them, we had ready on a CD, hours and hours of stories. Then we forgot about the recordings for several years. This academic year my son didn’t get onto the school coach and as a result I have to drive him 45 mins to an hour to school every day. After we had listened to a pile of Roald Dahl CDs till we knew them by heart, I remembered the librivox recordings. Suffice it to say that you now accompany us to school every day, reading Heidi, bits of Doctor Dolittle and currently A Little Princess. Your voice has become a part of our daily life. Thank you, from a stranger across the world and her three little kids :-)

  5. Jijy Easow

    I thought it was time to thank you. My 13 yo daughter, 6 yo son and I have listened to a number of your Frank Baum readings on Librivox and then checked your website out. We can’t wait for Saturday’s when we listen to the Bagthorpes. I am so glad that you have The Lord of the Ring done. 1 year ago Audible did not have any Tolkien audiobooks except for a dramatization of the Hobbit. I also like to think I can knit and enjoy your postings. My son also likes Ski Safari. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Neil Wasmund

    I’ve just finished your reading of Our Island Story. It is a fantasic delivery. Best wishes on a quick recovery. I hope you’ll consider finish the reading someday. Thank You.

  7. Aisha

    Hope you’re feeling better! And thank you for all the time you have put into reading for librivox. I am listening to Mansfield park now. You have a very nice reading voice, one of the best i have heard through Librivox. Thank you!

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