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Feeling better (again)

Thank you for all the well-wishes, dear blog-readers and story-listeners!

In the middle of January I came down with another horrible virus and was knocked flat for several weeks, but I am, finally, feeling like myself again. My cough is much better so I hope to get back to recording any day now!

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  1. Dan


  2. Larry Bryer

    Glad you are better. My wife is just now getting over the flu herself. I have enjoyed your readings for the last several months. Your friendly voice reminds me of a nice sister, although my own sister isn’t nice and has a voice that would spay a cat at a hundred yards.
    I discovered you when I got my iPad and started listening to audiobooks.
    Keep up the good work, Miss Kara!

  3. Chrisentiae

    Monday 25 February 2013

    Dear Kayray,

    May God’s love surround you with the light and warmth of his love, as his angels keep ever watch over you, and bless you and your loved ones always, and bless your gifts of story telling, most obvious from printed word to audio files at this time.

    In Jesus name, amen.

    Your friend,

    Chrisentiae xoxox

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