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August 17 – Water in the Park

Back in May I went to the bookstore to buy a gift for my soon-to-be-born niece. While I was there I spotted a charming picture book, Water in the Park, about a park in the big city and all the water-related things that happen there on a hot summer day. It was so well-written and had such lovely illustrations, the kind that have lots of interesting details to examine, that I just had to buy it for someone!

I have a couple of little cousins who live in NYC, and I thought the book would be perfect for them. I planned to send it to the older one for her 4th birthday in July, but time got away from me, what with all the crazy things happening in my life…

I finally mailed it off a couple of days ago, but first I recorded it so that little Ginny and Jo can listen to me read it to them at any time :)

It’s probably not super-interesting without the pictures to look at while you listen, but maybe you have a copy of your own, or can buy it or get it from the library, so here’s my recording:

Water in the Park: A Book About Water and the Times of the Day

Enjoy :)

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