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Heart-warming thank-you note

On the forums we have a thread where people can post general thank-you notes for the whole team (there’s a different thread for thank-you notes to individual readers).

This recent note warms my heart:

I teach in a maximum security prison. Most of my students had never read a book before. I have been using librivox audio readings with them to help them read the book as a class. It has made a tremendous difference for these men. Every time we finish a book they are anxious to start the next one. Thank you to all those who have put forth the time and energy to do the readings. You have made a great impact on these men’s lives.

Wow :)

‘Thank you’ messages for Librivox in general

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  1. Paul

    I’ve been listening to your rendition of the Swiss Family Robinson and have enjoyed it very much. You speak very well and do a wonderful job of animating the characters. Thank you for taking the time to make the recordings and for the extra time required to do it so well.

    God Bless,

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