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Happy Thanksgiving from sick-in-bed me

Still sick. Thank you very much for the kind get-well comments and the praise for my recordings :) It thrills me that there are so many of you who love the Melendy family as much as I do! I hope that someday I’ll stop coughing long enough to record some more.

Sick, sick, sick. I stayed in bed all day and watched season one of Boardwalk Empire, which is just as good as everyone says! I’m totally hooked. Kind of glad I didn’t discover it before now, because it sure is helping to pass the time while I recover from whatever-this-is. I don’t think it’s the flu because I never had chills and aches, and I only had one day of fever. Whatever. It’s no fun.

I can smell turkey and onions and other nice Thanksgiving smells through my open window.

If you’re looking for something really great to listen to while you wait for me to finish Spiderweb for Two, may I recommend The Dark is Rising? It’s a completely different kind of story, but it’s so good and so well-written that I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. I’ve been listening to it again a lot lately. It’s on my “karabooks” playlist which I listen to all night. I’ve been falling asleep to a book which is further up on the playlist, so that I wake up to The Dark is Rising.

Here’s chapter one:
Pt1, Ch1 – Midwinter’s Eve
If you like it, you can find the rest on my Kayray Reads to You page.

Well, even though I’m fairly miserable, I’m very very thankful that I’m not sicker, and I’m not in the hospital, and I’m very cozy, and the cat keeps me company all day, and my lovely family keeps checking on me.

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