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Spiderweb for Two: The Christmas Chapter

Another Melendy Christmas chapter for you! This time it’s a chapter from Spiderweb for Two, the last Melendy book. I’m in the middle of recording this book; I hope to finish in January if I can stop coughing!

Spiderweb for Two, 07 The Joyous Season

Click the image to see this book on Amazon and buy your own copy:

Amazon blurb:

Randy and Oliver Melendy awake one fall morning full of gloom. Their brother and sister are away, the house seems forlorn and empty, and even Cuffy, their adored housekeeper, can’t pick up their spirits. Will they have to face a long and lonely winter? But a surprise message in the mailbox starts a trail of excitement and adventure that takes them through the cold season. When summer finally comes around again, the children have found fourteen messages in all, and the end of the search brings them a rich reward.

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