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brand new key

I’ve been learning Melanie Safka’s adorable “Brand New Key” on my ukulele. I still suck, pretty much, and my uke technique is poor and I’m not a trained singer and I keep forgetting to breathe, but here’s a tolerable (if low-quality) recording that I think is kind of sweet. Sorry about the traffic and video-game noises in the background.

Brand New Key

Fun fact: my voice is considerably lower than Melanie’s so I had to transpose the song down a fifth, into a BRAND NEW KEY, if you will. Musician joke. Groan.

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3 Responses to “brand new key”

  1. Dan

    Your musician joke made me laugh :)

  2. Mike

    You know, that’s really lovely! – Mike ;)

  3. Steve

    Very sweet, thanks for sharing that! I always thought it was a cute but silly song. I was a teenage hippie in ’68 or whenever that came out. I developed a better appreciation for the song after seeing the film, Boogie Nights, with Heather Graham skating about naked while this song was playing. :)
    I never heard of you, but just discovered LibriVox. I just heard your sweet voice reading The Emperor’s New Clothes, and you mentioned your web site, so I took a look. I have often fantasized about buying a Ukulele and hearing you sing encouraged that desire. But it requires time and energy, so that fantasy is still on hold. But the song did influence me to order a used copy of Boogie Nights from Amazon! :D

    I enjoyed your tent on the beach story also. But that’s all I had time for today. May you live long and prosper, as best you can, especially if you must carry an oxygen tank to help you breathe. Best wishes, thanks for sharing your voice and skills, your words and visions, yada yada yada! :)

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