Mastodon “But I Like You” — chords & lyrics! —

“But I Like You” — chords & lyrics!

Henry and I have transcribed my little Ernie and Bert song! (See previous post)

It was a lot of work, but we did it. I re-wrote the lyrics to be all from Bert’s point of view ’cause I’ll be playing it on my ukulele and singing it solo and I am much more of a Bert than an Ernie. Paperclips! Lentil soup! Yeah!

Click to download in .rtf format: But I Like You, chords and lyrics


Kudos to Henry for figuring out the Bb to Bbm business and the nifty Bb-Db-F-D7 sequence near the end.

You can play a Dm7 on “go and see the big hippopotamus” if you want — it sounds a bit better but it’s hard for me to reach on the uke.

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