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Return of the King Ch. 6

Good news, everyone! Here’s a new chapter of Return of the King for you – and it’s an exciting one! Stuff happens! Many thanks to everyone who emailed me some gentle reminders :) Those emails really help motivate me when I’m not feeling great.

“Great was the clash of their meeting.”

Return of the King Bk 1: 06 The Battle of the Pelennor Fields


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  1. Arctic Rose

    Best voice I’ve heard in a long time. Expresses a wide range of emotions that make the story come alive.

  2. Brian

    Yay you have given us another chapter of Return of the King. That’s good news alright. Really appreciate all your good efforts Kara : )

  3. Brian


    This is great fun hearing your reading the words of Tolkein while reading them on Kindle. Too I have been watching Jackson’s LOTR Return of the King to compare the book with the movie. What a story even experienced for the 5th time… It is easy to relate the unfolding adventure with challenging elements of life and borrow the hope this epic offers. Thank you again Kara.

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