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I am still here

Hey guys, I had an episode of crippling depression for the last few weeks (feels like months but I guess it wasn’t). I’m feeling better now and catching up on things like laundry and eating. And soon, I hope, a little recording! Thanks for all the sweet “checking on you” emails. It means a lot.

This bout of depression was so horrific that Jeff-the-lovely-therapist suggested I see a psychiatrist about trying an antidepressant, which of course was far too difficult to manage while I was in my can’t-get-out-of-bed phase but I did see a great doctor once I started feeling a little better and am now trying a very low dose of Lexapro. Fingers crossed that it keeps me from sinking down as far again.

What else is new… Last week Henry and I saw David Sedaris perform live at the Balboa Theater downtown! Such a treat. He was so funny and sweet, and all the stories were new to us. We bought each other the tickets for our birthdays back in summer. Yes, we are super NPR nerds.

Which reminds me:

Also I saw “Nightcrawler” and was blown away! It was an old-fashioned suspense-thriller with a story and acting and characters and no CGI explosions and I enjoyed it tremendously. Plus it was not 100% predictable all the way through! Lol. I have a real problem with movies where after five minutes I know exactly how they’re going to end. This was not that kind of movie. Things happened that I did not expect!!

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  1. Finnberry


    I hope you feel better soon. Depression is so debilitating.

    Now I have found your lovely leftover lace weight Fern scarf and I am dying to take up the challenge of knitting this one for my daughter. Could you please possibly supply the written instructions?

    I see it says cast on 46 stitches but only 36 show on your chart. (Sorry I am not an experienced knitter). I am assuming then that the other 10 stitches are for the border?

    Anyway, any help would be very much appreciated.

    Take care,

  2. Catharine

    So sorry to hear about the depression! My dad was depressive, so I’ve seen a bit of what that’s like. I hope the medication is helpful!

    Also, yes. Serial podcast. Was SERIOUSLY bummed when I heard that there won’t be a new episode this week.

  3. Jack Littlefield

    kara,if you only knew how much joy you bring to so many !i have listened to kayray reads to you almost every night with one earbud in the one ear not on the pillow(if I roll over I switch ears). My mother used to read to me when I was pre school in the afternoon and when I listen to you it is more soothing than a pharmaceutical sleeping pill.i listen to the same stories over and over again.i really like the older ones that have the background noise ,kids asking questions and you yawning once in a while (Saturday’s ,absolute zero,half magic etc.) I can listen over and over again and it hasn’t gotten old yet.
    You are so wonderful and the effort you put into your podcast I am truly grateful for.Please know that you are loved and cherished the word over

  4. Soozan

    thrilled that you are back! Another movie not too predictable is Birdman. I’m planning to see Nightcrawler and also, I enjoyed Citizen4. Want a BEAUTIFUL book> All the Light We Cannot See. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Brian

    Oh good, you’re feeling better now. Take good care of yourself whatever it takes, however long it takes. Glad to hear from you taking care of you.

  6. suhail

    Thank you

    We love you , and we are very grateful.

    We wish you health and happiness

  7. Declan

    Take good care of yourself. A lil’ hello from Hamburg Germany.

  8. PaulB

    Good to hear that you’ve recovered from your bout of depression….I know what it’s like. Thank you for the Tolkien readings which I like to listen to at night, they are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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