Mastodon still sick… I’ll be sick forever, it seems —

still sick… I’ll be sick forever, it seems

Yep. All symptoms are much better, but I have deep exhaustion that I can’t shake. On Christmas Eve I had a bit of energy so I made a quick batch of gingerbread cookies and we ran out to get a little Christmas tree (luckily Home Depot still had a few) but then I was so exhausted that I had to go back to bed and didn’t manage to decorate it at all. It’s still sitting there in its stand, waiting…

On Christmas I stayed in bed all day, just completely exhausted. Yesterday I felt a little bit better but I stayed in bed all day anyway, just listing to podcasts and audiobooks and music with my eyes closed, mostly, and playing on my iPad a bit.

I’m tired of the cycle of feeling a bit better, getting up to do stuff, then having a bad relapse. I’m just going to stay in bed till I’m SURE that I’m a lot better.

I think that my throat finally feels completely normal this morning! So that was a 25-day sore throat. A world record?

Still coughing of course. But I slept straight through the night.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

DJ Riko’s Christmas Mixes. We love these SO MUCH. Some of my favs are 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2014 but they’re all good!

Wives and Daughters — Elizabeth Klett’s solo version

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever — my recording, scroll down to December 2012

The Warden — Jessica Louise’s solo recording

A Christmas Carol — my solo recording

Plus random episodes of This American Life and of course The Archers every day.

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  1. Pearl

    You poor thing. I’ve heard that the actual, true blue flu can keep one down for a good 6 weeks or so. You’re wise to take it easy. Might want to rule out that pneumonia isn’t settling in as well. Were I able, I’d decorate your tree and string some lights around for you. Just a haphazard placing of those lights can do wonders for a dreary shelf.

    I’ve not listened to “The Warden”, but searching for a particular reader led me to the next one in that series, “Barchester Towers”, which I thoroughly enjoyed; great ensemble, that one.

    Another satisfying time waster for the ipad is “Spider Solitaire”. Of the vast choices, I like the one put out by MobilityWare.

    They offer a FreeCell version too, which I can’t get for my 1st Gen ipad (not cool). But I found it by another maker and have been playing it for a couple of weeks, and so require easy deals (they say that of the million or so combinations, all but 5 or so are winnable!) and all the solutions can be found online since each deal is numbered.

    Have you discovered the British police procedural series “Scott & Bailey”? It’s sooo good! If you haven’t and you’re up for binge watching, check it out (my local PBS station is showing it, but I think you should be able to stream it from other sources). Be sure to start at the beginning of the series.

  2. Catharine

    So sorry you’re still feeling lousy!

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your recording of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which I finished listening to on December 24th. It’s probably my very favoritest book EVER about Christmas. We found it, I think, in my elementary school library when I was probably in third grade. My mom looked for it in bookstores for literally years, and I think it finally came back into print and she got it for me for Christmas when I was in seventh grade. It’s a book with a lot of great memories attached to it, so it was wonderful to listen to your recording of it. Thank you so much for making it!

  3. Chrisentiae

    Wed 31.12.2014

    Hey Kayray,

    May God Bless you to get better soon and I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that 2015 will be a blessing for you too.



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