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so depressed. my pulmonologist told me i should apply for MediCare so that when I stop getting alimony in 2017 I will at least have health insurance, so I just looked into that. Turns out I don’t qualify for MediCare even though I am disabled because I don’t qualify for SSDI. I don’t qualify for SSDI because I was a housewife for the last 10 years or so and before that I was self-employed part-time and didn’t rack up enough social security credits in the allotted time. So basically the government won’t help me at all with anything and I will need to depend 100% on my family.

(I have a rare, incurable, fatal disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, which is why I can’t work and why I need excellent health insurance. My meds cost more than $40,000/month and I need tons of lab work and doctor visits.)

So there’s that.

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  1. Catharine

    Oh gosh.

    Um. I wish I could do more than that? If there’s anything else I can do, let me know?

    (This is why we need universal healthcare NOW, d@$%it.)

  2. Delilah

    Kara, I don’t know what to say to comfort a person who has brought so much comfort to me! Your readings sap the stress straight out my brain and set my imagination afloat. There MUST be a way to get you healthcare, GOOD healthcare. Don’t stop trying! I’m going to ask around.

  3. Natalie

    Kara, that is – as you say in German “zum Kotzen” which means, These news are really, really Bad….
    I am very sure that there is a way for you to get the medical Support without being dependent on your familys Money…. And you will find it!!! Don’t loose
    While thinking about the Problems you are confrontated with at the moment, I had an idea. In Germany People, who Need help, esp when they have rare diseases, often ask or try to involve the Public for help. E.g. for donations or something…. Thanks to the Internet, that the whole World is connected in These days…. So… Just figure it out: You only need 40.000 People, wo spend 1 Single dollar each month for your medicine and Health care.It is just a thought. And I know, this is far too early to think about it seriously after this Shock – but maybe you might keep it in mind. I posted this idea here, because some People will read it and may reach a helping hand. You Never know…. So, you have Friends out there – Never forget that!!!
    Whatever way you choose, you will get the help, you need, that is for sure!

    Kara, all my best wishes for you from Germany! If there is anything I can so, let me know…

  4. paul


    We have “universal healthcare.” It’s called, “Obamacare.” We were sold on the idea that it was specifically for these types of situations. Guess not. Our ministry has experience in ministering to the disabled and there are a plethora of government/nonprofit organizations that aid the disabled. The key is research and good information. Check city, county, state, and federal programs. There are also community action programs that represent the disabled as experts in what they qualify for. Thank goodness there is some time to find a solution here, until 2017.

  5. Lori Breen

    Kara, I feel like I almost know you after listening to you on countless Librovox recordings. I always prefer your readings over nearly anyone else (other than the amazing British man who sounds straight out of PBS. :) )

    I am sad to hear of your health problems. I realize ObamaCare isn’t the best, but what my husband and I have found is that it does work well for the very poor. If you qualify based on income, you should be able to get an excellent HMO for a great price or even at no cost. NO, you will NOT get to keep your doctor, but you will get good health care and medications are covered.

    Obamacare has not worked well for our family as we are middle income so the policy my husband qualifies for costs more and gives less benefits. But we discovered that if we were below the poverty level we’d have qualified for a great policy wit great benefits. So my advice is to stop making money and try to get into a good health care plan. HMO’s are not bad. Kaiser saved my dad’s life countless times.

    I wish you all the best. My favorite recording was one you did several years ago with your son. It was quite entertaining. You sound like an awesome mom!
    Sending out positive thoughts that things will get better.
    Take Care,

  6. Roland


    You may be eligible instead for ssi (supplemental security income), which entitles you to Medicaid. I’ve got Aspberger’s syndrome, and this is what I’m currently doesn’t require work credits or such. Shoot me an email if you wanna discuss it, eh?

  7. Serena

    Yes, SSI. It’s what my mother was on, with Medicaid, after she divorced my father but prior to being eligible for Social Security under his SSN. Good luck.

    I’m new to your blog. Just finished listening to A Little Princess with my daughter. The narration on Librivox can be so hit or miss, but yours was wonderful, and we look forward to your other readings. Thank you.

  8. Darlene

    Dear Kara, haven’t read all of your posts, however I believe you need a really good disability lawyer ASAP! Also, seek out social workers who can connect you with resources. If you are younger than 65 you can apply for MEDICAID which has free or low cost meds. Also, the drug company that manufactures the high priced med you require for life will assist you with a lower cost plan via your medical doctor’s assistance and/or your pharmacist who can give you more info on these plans. I have no idea how you are affording 40k per month, but I know there is MORE HELP OUT THERE FOR YOU! You need to dig a bit more, under all the rocks, but I know you can get more help than what you’re getting now.
    Bless you and your fortitude,

  9. Emilio

    Dear Kara.

    I support Natalie’s fundraising idea. Those of us willing to send you money every month to help you out are here. Let us know the account number we should use to make the deposit.

    Keep the hope up.

    Best regards from Mexico :)

  10. Lisa Wagner

    So sorry to hear the details of your illness. What a lot for you to deal with! I too found you via librivox and so enjoy your recordings! I pray things work out well for you.

  11. david lithjohn

    Hello my name is david, the voise actovator on my phones not working ao I’m actually typeinp can tell from my grammer as well as my spelling. I’ve become so spoilled with the speach and auto typeing that I don’t sewm to have the memorey to spell anymore,though I do have to admit I never won any spelling beeeees.
    I’ve just eecently foynd your site after hearing you read and knew I wanted the book not just because it was a good book (though it was) But more than that it was YOU !! You’ve got the gift that make it all come alive. No this to be true because I am not only typing thisto you but l am doing so on my older. (Smaller) phone. What I’m trying to say is you are truelly quite amazing. Thank you.!!
    I also would like to say you can and do now quallify for SSI as well as medicade. You will be offered medicare byt tou need medicaid. Also you should do as the orher person sugested and #1contact a case manager (FREE) your doctors office or hospital can set this up #2contact all company’s (phar-ma) thar make your meds not hust the exspensive one because tsome have other programs and contacts (also subsideraires)that will help.#3contact state ,county,city #4 housing athority regarding help with paying rent where you now live. You do not have to move to one of there propertys to get money for rent. MOST IMORTANT YOU SHOULD NOT BE SHY IN ASKING OR ASHAMED TO GET HELP YOU DISERIVE IT Remember this you help people e that you have no way of knowing it. I know of aomeone qho was really-really down and was seriously thinking of giving up and for whatever the reason decides to listen to a book you eead and felt light come through that very daek place thay where in and you made the atory of hipe gessed it,it was me 4 months ago. If I can help feel free to contact me p.s. I did 1 thru 4 also and now only pay 30%of income for rent and pay $12 a mon for my meds wich would xostalmost $22,500 per month. Asso now have gotten SSI when I was first told I didn’t qualfy. I am aproved to take my rwnt voucher with me ao I can move back to where I belong (northern california. Just remember you can never know where a unexpect gift with a bundel of hope in it. THANK YOU David

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