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feeling better now

Thank you all so much for the kindhearted comments and emails. It means a lot.

I’m feeling a better now. I mean, my situation is still exactly the same but I’m managing to think about other things and the terrible terrible depression has lifted again and I am ok for now.

I’ve been working on a LibriVox recording of a US History book for kids — This Country of Ours. It has 99 chapters and is divided into 7 parts. I started recording it in 2007 and got the first 6 parts done within three years, but I started the 7th part in 2013 and it’s just been sitting there unfinished for ages.

LibriVox is doing a finish-up-lingering-projects drive in June, so I decided to get it done. Right now I have only 8 chapters remaining, so the end is in sight!

You can find the recordings here:
This Country of Ours: All Seven Volumes

In non-audiobook news, my cousin Chloe and I saw the new Pixar movie, “Inside Out” yesterday and it was so good! Chloe is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I love to spend time with her, plus the movie was excellent — beautiful and funny and sad and lovely. So that was really fun.

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  1. Pearl

    And still you continue to give. You are a precious soul, Kara.

  2. Neil Smith

    Hi Kara, some in our family love to listen to your audios. Look I read about your health situation. There are people in Fresno, California who will pray for you, and stick with it until your “incurable” is gone. Use the page. You don’t need faith, you just need to ask. They can also use your request to direct a local to contact you. Neil Smith – Life Team Leader, Oxford, New Zealand.

  3. Brian

    Best wishes Kara. Glad you are feeling better now. Came across your recording of the last chapter of The Warlord of Mars. It reminded me to check in and tell you again how much your good work is appreciated. Thank you for all you do for us.

    “If you wish for abundance- Give!”

  4. Melissa

    My children and I have been doing ambleside online for the last 7 years and absolutely LOVE all your readings! Today we have made it to This Country of Ours Part 7 ch. 68 which is about Jefferson. We’ve gone all the way from Kindergarten through 5th grade and have listened to you all the way. Your voice and reading is amazing!!! We are soooooo incredibly thankful for all your work. Thanks!!!!

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