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Treasure Island

Hey I finished my solo recording of Treasure Island:

It’s a great story. Enjoy!

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  1. L Geddes

    Ah, wow we are on chapter 32 of Treasure Island, if I had only known I wouldn’t have purchased the audible book. Kayray and Robert Louis Stevenson two of my favorites! We still enjoy your history books. All the best! Up next “Kidnapped”? Well, maybe not. Thanks again for all your work.

  2. Tom Morrin

    Just finished listening to Treasure Island.

    Pure wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Daniela

    We are completely enjoying Treasure Island! Thank you so much, Kara!!

  4. Mary Beth

    I LOVED this recording! Funnily, you were adding them to iTunes at exactly the same time as a friend of mine returned to theater after many years off stage – her first role was narrator/older Jim in Treasure Island, so this really helped me feel more connected since I live quite far away and was sad to be missing her performances. Perfect timing! I subscribe to your iTunes podcasts, and so entirely enjoy your readings always (especially all of the JRR Tolkien and Susan Cooper books – amazing!). You really work hard to give all of us “fans” a real gift in your voice and book choice. Thank you!!

  5. Brenda

    You are spectacular! Great reader and a lovely energy combined with easy to listen-to voice.

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