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End of October already

Sorry, friends, for the lengthy silence. 1600mcg of Uptravi kicked my butt. I never quite got accustomed to it comfortably and then a couple nights ago I had a sudden terrible bout of all the side effects all at once in the middle of the night and I wished I was dead for many hours. Too much to bear. I consulted with my care team at UCSF and decided to go back down to 1400mcg. Started that last night.

Plus in the last couple months I’ve had a couple of viruses and a return of the deep dark scary depression. The depression, at least, is getting better, since lovely Kory the psychiatrist upped me to 30mg of Lexapro.

Hoping I’ll be functional soon and able to read to you again.

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  1. Kathy Allen

    So sorry to hear this ! Being so sick is bad enough without being slammed with depression, too. I do hope your depression lifts enough so you can begin to do a little occupational therapy with some knitting. I am so glad I can imagine you with your nice family members instead of alone. Will be praying for you!

  2. Pedro

    I’m really sad to hear you’re not feeling so well lately. Me and my wife came into contact with your recordings through the Librivox homepage, some years ago. Since then, your voice has become a cherished presence in our daily lives. Over time, we came to develop a sincere attachment to your work, as a reader, and to yourself, as a person, although we never have meet.

    You have helped us alot in our efforts to improve our english (we’re brazilians), and I must avow that you have the most splendid taste for picking your books. We’d like to thank you very much and wish you the best! (Please, forgive any misspelling).

  3. Anna

    I do hope you feel better soon. Not only do we love your recordings of kids’ books (The Talking Parcel and Half Magic are particular household favorites), I was so grateful to you when I found some of the baking show episodes you put on YouTube. You keep our whole family entertained! Thank you! Depression is awful, and seems to strike the most wonderful people I know. Hang in there, and know that strangers in Rhode Island are rooting for you!

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