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Happy December!

Hey everyone! Happy December. We need a little Christmas this year, huh? I recommend DJ Riko’s Christmas mixes: Scroll down and download them all.

My mood continues stable and I feel cheerful most days. I recorded a chapter of “Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown” last week and I’ll do more soon. Oh, and I went to the movies last night with my friend Uwimana to see “Moana”, the new Disney movie, and it was such fun to go OUT with her and to see a movie with a beautiful message of hope and courage. Just what we needed in this dark year.

And: a believable heroine; a Polynesian teenager who isn’t Barbie-shaped, whose quest depended on courage, determination, trust, and choices — not romance or a handsome prince! I didn’t think Disney could do it, but they did.

I don’t know if you men out there, no matter how enlightened and feminist you are, can imagine what it feels like as a woman to see a “Hero’s Quest” movie with a truly female hero — not a male personality in a female body, but a believable, flawed young girl on her way to womanhood. She didn’t flirt, she didn’t bat her eyes; she used her heart and her mind, her wits and her strength. It was amazing to see, and to know that kids everywhere will see a new kind of Disney heroine; a chief’s daughter who will someday be a chief herself, and who makes a /choice/ to continue her quest even when it seems impossible.

The animation was glorious, particularly the “voyagers” sequences. I got choked up in the same way that I get choked up watching films of the Apollo missions. Humanity’s drive to discover!

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  1. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    Hi Kayray,

    Just want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed Christmas. So wonderful that you do these readings. Something really special and magical I feel.

    If you are on Facebook, feel welcome to add me.

    I have always enjoyed your readings, and although I haven’t listened for sometime, the good vibe and positive life experience stays and remains with me.

    Love your story readings,

    Chrisentiae :)

  2. Sandy Van Dyck

    My little reading group and I are so enjoying your reading of the Trumpet of the Swan. Your voice is like a warm blanket.

    Sandy Van Dyck
    Cordova, Alaska

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