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Brand new Mixmas!!

I discovered DJ Riko’s Christmas mixes in 2007. I’ve loved them ever since, and listen to them all, over and over, starting on the first day of November. Yes, that’s too early for Christmas music but I allow myself to start early with Mixmas because it is so special and wonderful and makes me so happy.

Every year I wait and wait and wait for DJ Riko to post the new mix for that year. And he just tweeted the link for Mixmas 2016! I’m so excited! It’s taking ten minutes to download, so I have time to write this post while I watch the download progress meter.

One minute to go!

You can find all the Christmas Mixes here:

Merry Christmas! DJ Riko, if you ever bump into this post — thank you thank you thank you for filling our Christmases with wonderful, awful, beautiful, terrible, tacky, glorious Christmas music :)

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