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entertainment in a scary world

I saw my pulmonologist last week and the news was bad. So. With that, plus the disturbing state of politics and the suspicion that nothing really matters anyway because the world will be ending soon, I’ve been distracting myself with a lot of high-quality entertainment which I will now share with you in case you need to escape from reality for a while, too.

1. After you’ve laughed at the appallingly ugly houses until you can’t breathe, you can read Kate’s informative “McMansion 101” and learn exactly why McMansions are so terrible!

2. I think I mentioned the “You Must Remember This” podcast a few months ago, but I’ll tell you again how great it is. Karina is currently doing a series on Dead Blondes. Fascinating and so tragic. Do listen, won’t you? If you’re a new listener, start with Peg Entwistle (January 2017) and go through the Dead Blondes series with me.

3. Stand-up comedy on Netflix. So much good stuff. A couple weeks ago, when I reached the end of 30 Rock for the umpteenth time, Netflix suggested that I watch Jim Gaffigan’s new stand-up special. So I did. And then I watched a bunch of his older specials. Then I watched a Louis C.K. special that I hadn’t seen, Trevor Noah’s “Afraid of the Dark”, and the new Aziz Ansari special. (His segment on Creepy Guys was so excellent.) Then “Neal Brennan: 3 Mics” (I heard him on Fresh Air. I love comedians who talk about their depression. Stephen Fry, Carrie Fisher… Side note: I’m trying to remember another depressed comedian who was on Fresh air recently… within the last 6 months, probably. It’s driving me nuts. After I post this I’ll go was through the Fresh Air archives and try to find him. Edit: Found him! Chris Gethard:

I like all of these comedians and they made me laugh a lot but the funniest stand-up special of all (so far) was “Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes”. I’ve been a Mike Birbiglia fan ever since I heard his bits on This American Life. “Thank God For Jokes” made me laugh and laugh and LAUGH.

Hang in there, everyone. Enjoy the fresh air, clean water, and healthcare while you still can.

By the way: Since all is not yet entirely lost, I subscribe to and I call the politicians who need to be called.

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  1. audrey sanborn

    I enjoy your librivox recordings. My favorites are The Secret Garden and Mrs. Mapp. Thank you for participating in this project. I hope things work out for you. I agree these are scary times. Listtening to audiobooks is a nice little escape. I hope reading them is a nice escape for you.

  2. nibin

    i hope everything goes well

  3. Anne Buster

    I so enjoy your posts. I hope things improve with your health. I know how hard an ongoing illness is to constantly manage but you continually bring so much light to the world with your blog and your recordings. I know I emailed you ages ago but I wanted to let you know we think of you often and appreciate all you do.

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