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The Shoe That Grows

For several years I’ve been donating to a charity that I feel very strongly about: The Shoe that Grows. They have created a wonderful, sturdy shoe that can grow five sizes, and they give these shoes to kids in poverty. You can read about The Shoe That Grows here:

This week, the first week of April, is “Wear A Pair” week! They let us “Wear a Pair” for a week to raise awareness and get more donations. Here are my feet (with hand-knitted socks) in an Adult size pair.


Here’s a photo of Henry’s foot on the left and mine on the right:


If you’d like to donate this week, please visit my fundraising page:
$1, $5, $10 — whatever you can afford — will help a child in need to be healthier and happier!! Thank you so much :)

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