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Remodulin update

I’m doing fine on Remodulin! The site pain was very bad for about a week, and after that it only hurt in the afternoon and evening, and by the 11th day it stopped hurting, mostly. (I can still feel it — but I wouldn’t say it hurts.)

Ice was the only thing that really helped, so I spent a lot of time in bed with ice on my leg.

I’m up to 0.006mL/hour now, and down to 200mcg of Uptravi. On Thursday I’ll go up to 0.008mL/hour and stop taking horrible Uptravi altogether! Hooray, hooray, hooray.

Every three days I put about 1mL of meds into a little vial in my pump, a chore that only takes ten minutes or so, counting washing hands and cleaning all the equipment with alcohol wipes, etc. They supplied me with two pumps, which I need to switch every three days to make sure I always have at least one that’s working.

Showering is a bit of a chore. I unclip my pump, since it’s fine to stop my meds for a few minutes; the delivery is so slow that it doesn’t even build up to a drop on the end of the needle while I shower. Then I cover the site with a bit of plastic with sticky edges, and then cover THAT with a sheet of this special cling-film called Glad Press ‘n’ Seal. I tuck a little bit of tissue under the first plastic barrier to absorb any stray drops of water that might get through. Then while I shower I keep the shower handle low, to minimize spray on the site. Not too hard, just a little bit annoying.

Being off the Uptravi is such a relief. I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain all the time. No more full-body aches. No more knee pain. No more foot pain. No more random muscle pain. Fewer headaches, less nausea. My brain feels clearer.

My Remodulin dose is still very tiny, but I think it might be helping already. Maybe. I think my oxygen saturation is a little better, on average. I need a nap every afternoon, though.

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  1. gilrain

    Yay, what a pro! I’m really happy to hear it’s becoming bearable.


  2. Mike Wilson

    That’s better!!!!

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