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please help my friend

4/12/18 UPDATE: Overnight the $400 goal was met, the campaign is closed, and Matt’s pastor used the donations to pay Matt’s power bill. You guys ROCK. Thank you all so much. Matt is so grateful to have his electricity back on. <3 <3 <3

I swore to myself that my next blog post would not be me complaining about my health.

So instead, I’m asking you to make a small donation to help a friend, Matt R. He’s a Clash Royale acquaintance, a nice guy, who is dying of cancer. He stopped responding to treatment so the doctors sent him home with a month or two to live.

Right now, he’s at home, alone, in bed, in pain, with no electricity. He couldn’t afford to pay his electric bill AND pay for his cancer treatments. His church has been helping but they are stretched thin, too, so his pastor set up a little fundraiser for him. He’s only asking for $400, which will help with bills and food.

Would you please make a small donation? Even a dollar would help.

Here’s a link to Matt’s paypal fundrasier:
(Goal met, link removed)

Thank you so very much for your generosity. It breaks my heart that he had to choose between meds and electricity.

Our healthcare system is broken, broken, BROKEN. Grrrr.

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