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new old audiobook for you

I just found a very old recording of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I probably recorded it in… 2003, maybe? You can hear Henry’s little voice sometimes, and I’m guessing he was about eight. Enjoy :)

(all chapters can be streamed here sequentially:

01 The Picture in the Bedroom
02 On Board the Dawn Treader
03 The Lone Islands
04 What Caspian Did There
05 The Storm and What Came of It
06 The Adventures of Eustace
07 How the Adventure Ended
08 Two Narrow Escapes
09 The Island of the Voices
10 The Magician’s Book
11 The Dufflepuds Made Happy
12 The Dark Island
13 The Three Sleepers
14 The Beginning of the End of the World
15 The Wonders of the Last Sea
16 The Very End of the World

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  1. Vivian

    Yay! Thanks for sharing this! Will tell my boys, they’ll be so excited. Personally, I enjoy hearing Henry’s voice in your recordings. His interaction with you makes your recordings much more personal.

  2. nibin

    Aww I used to love that book

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