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The Crab, by Henry Frigon

Henry had one of his short stories accepted for publication on Rue Scribe, the online “small literature journal” of Underwood Press. I’m so proud I could burst.

It’s such a lovely story.

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  1. Suzan

    A lovely story yes yes yes yes, please tell him I think so,

  2. Jerry Nicholson

    Another author in the family? Meredith Nicholson was a best selling author in Indiana and was Minister (Envoy) to Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Paraguay during the Roosevelt presidency. He was a second cousin to your grandmother Mollie (Nicholson) Shallenberg.

    I also see that there is a Meredith Nicholson school in Indianapolis.


  3. Vivian

    That’s a sweet story. I could hear your voice in my head while I was reading it.

  4. Catharine

    Congratulations to him!!!!

    (I hadn’t realized he has a daughter – congrats on that front too!)

  5. James Oinam


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